Honours, Trophies & Awards 5 of 5

5. Players' Player of the Year

This award probably means the most to the players within the Club since it is voted upon by their peers and so represents the backing of their team mates. It isn't necessarily awarded to the best player - it could be the most reliable, the most consistent, the most points but it is undoubtedly the most sought after by the players. It was originally donated by Fred Kyte and Malcome Dines and until 1984 was used for a variety of purposes. John Davies was the first winner of the players vote in 1985 since when the list reads like a who's who of Avon rugby standout performers.


1973/74 Bob Gold
1974/75 Nigel Williams
1975/76 Bill Cooper
1976/77 Paul Knight
1977/78 Mark Lewis
1978/79 Tony Mutlow
1979/80 Don Rosevear
1980/81 Ali Pass
1981/82 Kirk Mathews & Adie Watts
1982/83 Chris Perry
1983/84 John Holbrook
1984/85 John Davies
1985/86 Ben Keeble
1986/87 Rod Evans
1987/88 Bruce Bowie
1988/89 Paul Rogers
1989/90 Paul Knight
1990/91 Dave Hoyte
1991/92 Vince Demiceli
1992/93 Kev Dyer
1993/94 Mike Avery
1994/95 Eddie Howells
1995/96 Steve Mitten
1996/97 Andy Bailey
1997/98 Wayne Jefferies
1998/99 Andy McGowan
1999/00 Brendan O`Mara
2000/01 Paul Kirby
2001/02 Kye Harwood
2002/03 Stuart Thompson
2003/04 Phil Williams
2004/05 Scott Book
2005/06 Glen Bodman
2006/07 Scott Book
2007/08 Kai Harwood
2008/09 Ben Hurd
2009/10 Sam Rowlands
2010/11 Ben Crane
2011/12 Kane Book
2012/13 Stuart Dilloway
2013/14 Ross Atherton
2014/15 Ian Burnell
2015/16 Alex Gapper
2016/17 JJ Pulvertaft