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1. Special Services Award

This is probably the most presigious award within the Club. It can be awarded for a multitude of reasons - it could be for unstinting work over many years, it could be for extremely special circumsatances during the current season, it may be a recognition of exceptional status within the Club. Also known as the Kiwi Cup, it was presented to the Club by our legendary New Zealander Bruce Bowie to commemorate his time at Avon before he returned home to accumulate 50 representative caps for Wairarapa Bush.


1988/89 Trevor Howell
1989/90 Ray Hicks
1990/91 John Holbrook
1991/92 Dave Loader
1992/93 Bill Mutlow
1993/94 Mike Purcell
1994/95 Ivor Atkins
1995/96 Chris Perry
1996/97 Fred Kyte
1997/98 Clive Book
1998/99 Sheila Sawyer
1999/00 Bob Tucker
2000/01 Simon Manister
2001/02 Ruth Fortune
2002/03 Mike Sawyer
2003/04 Jim Baker
2004/05 Heather Sutherland
2005/06 Wayne Griffiths
2006/07 Chris Coombe
2007/08 Tony Mutlow
2008/09 Gary Ham
2009/10 Steve Mead
2010/11 Kai Harwood
2011/12 Clive Book
2012/13 Paul Kirby
2013/14 Bob Phillips
2014/15 John Sutherland
2015/16 Adrian Watts
2016/17 Steve Bird